How to apply for IPO in Kotak Securities - step-by-step guide

Hello to all, first of all, if you are searching for How to apply for IPO in Kotak Securities then you are at the right place. Here I will tell you How can you apply for IPO through Kotak securities.

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How to apply for IPO in Kotak Securities

What things are required for applying for an IPO in Kotak Securities

Let's start with some basic things like what kind of things are required for applying for IPO in Kotak Securities. Only two things are required, the first is Money that you want to invest and the second is, a Trinity account or a 3-in-1 account with Kotak Securities.

Ways for applying for an IPO in Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities broker offers only to those customers who have a Trinity account with them or a 3-in-1 account as I already said in the above paragraph. If you don't have this then get it by contacting them or by their mobile application. The customer can only avail of the online facility by visiting the Kotak Securities website.

What after applying for IPO

This is simple to understand, your funds will be blocked after the closing of the IPO. If you get the shares from IPO then congregations to you but if you have not got shares then your funds will be unblocked or will be returned to your bank account on the fund's refund date.

Charges for applying IPO in Kotak Securities

There are zero charges for just applying IPO in Kotak securities, no one will charge you anything for just applying IPO through them. But if you have got the allotment from IPO in Kotak Securities or at some other broker and sold those shares then you will be charged for this trade as a normal trade that you do normally. You will be charged with the brokerage, government taxes, and other charges whichever is applicable.

Now, let's start a step-by-step guide for applying for IPO in Kotak Securities.

Step by Step Guide for applying for IPO in Kotak Securities

1. The first step is to go to the Kotak Securities official website where you will get the home page.

2. Now click on the Account Detail option on the right above and then Log in to Trade option. After this, you will be get redirected to the login page where you have to put your user id and your password.

Kotak Securities Log in Page, Trade log in, client log in kotak securities, share market log in
Kotak Securities Log in Page

After the login, you will have your trading account dashboard where you can do many things including how to apply for IPO.

3. Now, click on the Place Order button then the Primary Market button, and then the IPO button as the image shows below.

Kotak Securities Client Dashboard, Kotak securities IPO Apply, Apply for IPO Kotak
Kotak Securities Dashboard

4. Now choose the ASBA option then the IPO in which you are willing to invest and at the end choose the retail category and press Accept button. Before pressing the Accepting button kindly read all the disclaimer which is given on this same page.

Kotak Securities ASBA Facility, Kotak Securities ASBA IPO Apply, ASBA Facility to Apply IPO, Apply IPO
Kotak Securities ASBA Facility

5. On the next page you will see what is minimum and maximum quantities are available for applying IPO and floor price and maximum price too. Now, select the cut-off price option then fill the quantity and then price. At the end of the page click the Place Order button.

Kotak Securities Fill IPO Details, Fill IPO Details in Kotak Securities, IPO Quantity Kotak Securities
Fill IPO Quantity Kotak Securities

6. On the sixth step you will see a page where your basic details are automatically fetched but you have to fill in your PAN number and your age in number. After filling in things press the Submit button.

Apply for IPO in Kotak Securities, IPO Apply Kotak Securities, ASBA Facility at Kotak Securities, Latest IPO
Fill Personal Details, Kotak Securities

7. Now you will see a message that says ensuring sufficient funds in your bank account. So, please make sure you have sufficient funds in your Kotak Mahindra Saving bank account, if not then your application will be rejected for sure.

IPO Order Confirmation Kotak Securities, IPO Oder Confirmation, Kotak Securities IPO Order, Place IPO order in Kotak Securities
IPO Order Confirmation

8. Now you have successfully placed your IPO Order in Kotak Securities.

IPO Order Reference Number, Kotak Securities IPO Reference Number
Reference Number Kotak Securities

Time for applying IPO in Kotak securities

A Kotak Securities customer can apply for IPO between the duration of the IPO open date and IPO close date. You can file your application at any time, it does not matter it's midnight 12 or early morning 5 o'clock.

Cancel IPO Application in Kotak Securities

You can cancel your IPO application at anytime duration between the IPO open date and the IPO close date. You have to just contact Kotak securities customer care support or from the IPO section which is available in the Primary market option on your dashboard.

Note:- Your funds will be still blocked after the cancellation of the IPO order, funds will be only unblocked or returned to your account on the funds' refund date.

How many IPOs can you apply at the same time?

You can apply as much as you want to apply for IPOs at the same time in Kotak Securities. Only you have to make sure that you have sufficient funds in your saving bank account for all those IPOs otherwise your IPO application will be rejected for sure by Kotak Securities.

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